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Bug Identification
Landcare Research, Identification guide to common invertebrates of New Zealand.

Bug Identification
T.E.R:R.A.I.N - Taranaki Educational Resource: Research, Analysis and Information Network. Insects, Ants, Beetles, Bugs, Cockroaches, Cicadas, Centipedes, Lacewings, Millipedes, Shield Bugs.                              

Bed Bug Guide
Tuck Advancing Better Sleep: Bed bugs are one of the most prevalent pests in the world. Bed bug cases have been reported in virtually every region on earth. Truck Sleep Guide.

Bed Bug Guide
Mattress Help: Our guide covers everything from in-depth information about life cycle, prevention and extermination information for not only homeowners but landlords, hotel owners, schools/childcare facilities and more.

Christchurch Hygiene Services
A Division of Christchurch Pest Control Ltd. Sanitary Towel Disposal Units, Air Fresh Units, Soap & Towel             Dispenser, Urinal Sanitation.

BASF worldwide
BASF New Zealand Ltd. proudly supplies the New Zealand marketplace with the products and technical "know how" developed and produced by its parent company BASF AG. and Group Companies.

Nufarm New Zealand
Nufarm NZ is New Zealand leading manufacturer and supplier of crop protection products.

Bell Laboratories
An exclusive manufacturer of rodent control products, Bell Laboratories produces the highest quality rodenticides and other rodent control products available to the pest control and agricultural industries on six continents.

Garrards (NZ) Ltd
New Zealand based Supplier of pest control products and equipment.

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