Spiders (White-Tailed Spider)

Where Usually Found

The Lampona Cylindrata commonly known as the White-Tailed spider is found all over Australia and newly introduced to New Zealand arriving sometime during the middle of last century by sailing ships. They are now well established in and around New Zealand, including the White-Tailed SpiderCanterbury region. White-Tailed spiders usually live outside around dead plant matter, old wood, dry leaves and are found in and around houses. The White-Tailed spider is mostly nocturnal and generally seen up high on walls or anywhere dark and is often found indoors.

What they do

White-Tailed spiders hunt in the first few hours of darkness and this is the time you are most likely to see them. They do not spin a web. They spin a thread which they use to transport themselves and hold prey. They eat small insects found in the garden and also eat household bugs. White-Tailed spiders are also known to scavenge from other spiders webs.

What to do if you get bitten

The White-Tailed spider bite is not deadly to humans, although it can be extremely painful, some people are allergic to these spider bites, which can make a large lump that may develop into a number of large blisters that are slow to heal. This reaction does not happen to everybody. If you react to the bite in this way you are most likely to have the symptoms for the rest of your life with the blisters healing completely and disappearing for years then suddenly reappearing. If you are bitten by a White-Tailed spider, medical treatment should be sought as soon as possible. If you have been able to catch the spider then take it with you to the hospital.


White-Tailed spiders are dark in colour, have reddish legs and at the end of the abdomen is a small white dot. When the spider is young, it has many white dots on its back. As the spider matures to an adult, these dots will disappear. The male is about 12mm in length and the female about 14mm in length.

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